UK LLP Taxation

UK LLP Formation

It is important after UK LLP registration to ensure that it is compliant with tax and information filing requirements. Our company and partners will be here to guide and assist you on the way, so you can concentrate on running your business. Please refer to UK Company Accounting Services Pricelist.

UK Companies House Register of Shareholders, Secretary, Members and Directors’ is open to the general public. One of the ways of preserving your confidentiality is to use offshore companies as UK LLP members. The main attraction of using offshore companies as members are tax advantages and savings, which makes it more attractive to non UK residents or domiciles.


Potentially UK LLP with two members being offshore companies will not pay any Corporation Tax or personal income tax in the UK, if members or directors of offshore companies are non-UK residents; no trade is made in and with the UK; control over UK LLP is exercised overseas. It is possible that UK LLP tax liability will be zero.

UK non-resident member only pay personal income tax in UK on the profits gained from trade within the UK. UK LLP members may also take advantage of more than 100 double taxation treaties signed by UK.

The UK LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) with all partners (members) being non-UK residents should only enter the profits from UK operations on their income tax returns; therefore if there was no UK trade, the UK LLP Tax return is submitted blank. Partnership financial statements, including overseas trade, need to be filed with the Companies House.

UK LLP Taxation illustration of how this works

— LLP UK is selling goods to Germany (or USA, etc...), buying it from India, Russia (or Russian or China, etc...);

— LLP UK does not trade or make sales in the UK;

— LLP UK members are two offshore companies located in Dominica and Seychelles (or similar offshore jurisdiction, like Nevis or Anguilla). Both company directors and shareholders are non UK residents. Our company can provide Nominee Directors and Nominee Shareholders for offshore companies.

Outcome: The LLP does not pay Corporation Tax as it is a “see through” (“path through”) entity and only partners are taxed on their individual income. UK LLP partners are not taxed on the profits that derived outside of the UK, if they are non UK residents (example, members through an offshore company). In the example above, the profit derives from Germany or USA, but kept in Dominica/Seychelles, etc and invested or redistributed (for example through dividends) as the beneficial owner see it fit.

From a UK tax perspective, dividends received by UK LLP are deemed to have been received directly by its members. This means that the individual members would need to consider the relevant double taxation agreements.

This business structure together with a bank account in UK or EU country could be the most tax efficient way of doing business, not to mention the most reputable.

We offer special structures to minimise UK LLP taxes that include an offshore company as a member or both members:

We sell a UK LLP as part of the business structure in two pre-packaged deals:

UK Tax Free Business Structure 1:

LLP UK with two offshore companies as members

Price: from GBP 1,377 / USD 2,482

UK Tax Free Business Structure 2:

LLP UK, one offshore company and yourself as an individual member

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You can incorporate LLP UK by choosing our main UK LLP Package

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Non UK residents and domiciles are best positioned to minimise UK LLP taxes through use of offshore companies as members of UK LLP.